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We are on a mission to ensure safe, affordable housing and protect the liberty of our city’s poorest residents. Last year, we opened the Expungement Clinic, a collective effort to help our clients, returning citizens, and many others across the District erase the stigma of their previous criminal record and move on with their lives.

 It makes sense to clean the slate for people who have paid their debt to society and want to return to work. Let’s help as many as we can. Our heartfelt thanks!

PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR GOAL Read more about the Expungement Clinic and please share our LSIC brochure.

About the Art: The Spirit of Men by Tim Davis, founder/owner of International Visions Gallery in Washington, DC. (Read more and video.)

One encounter with the criminal justice system can lead to a record that stays with you for life, interfering with your ability to work, find housing, and provide for basic needs. What’s at stake

Thousands of men and women in Washington, DC carry this burden—even if they have done nothing wrong or have already paid their dues. Many are eligible to seal their record. The Expungement Clinic helps seal the criminal records of individuals who lack the knowledge or means to do so on their own.   

LSIC is among a handful of legal aid providers in the District that take on this work—and do it well. With the help of our community partners like Jubilee Jobs, So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E.), and Pathways to Housing, our students and attorneys educate residents about their rights, obtain their records, determine their eligibility and, when possible, file motions to seal their records. Not everyone we help is determined eligible for records clearing, but everyone becomes more knowledgeable and equipped to move forward with their lives.  

In the past year, we analyzed 500 criminal records for eligibility and informed 2,500 people about record-sealing laws. This work would not have been possible without your financial contributions. Yet, with our ongoing work in housing and the juvenile and adult criminal justice system, we are serving just a fraction of residents in need of record-sealing counsel. In 2017, LSIC staff and student attorneys will be able to advise an estimated 500 additional people and help 100 more seal their records. That’s big, but with an additional dedicated attorney, we can do much more.  LSIC data

 So please, donate the equivalent of one billable hour to help fund the Expungement Clinic. By doing so, you will be part of a movement that is bringing hope and change to our city’s most disenfranchised residents. Together as one, we can do this!

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