COS Sponsor Google Is Fighting Racial Bias | DCLAW Students


Hats off to Google, our #CelebrateReform Sponsor, for pledging $11.5 million to fight racial bias in policing and criminal sentencing. The latest round of grants targets organizations that use data to combat racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

(Photo: Center for Policing Equity)

Among the grant recipients are the Center for Policing Equity, Measures for Justice, Impact Justice, #Cut50, and Equal Justice Initiative.

Google’s philanthropic division wants the money to go toward efforts to use data, information, and analytics to uncover racial disparities in policing and the criminal-justice system. (More)

Justin Steele, principal of, explained, “There is significant ambiguity regarding the extent of racial bias in policing and criminal sentencing. We must find ways to improve the accessibility and usefulness of information.”

Google DC is the event sponsor of LSIC’s Celebration of Service Awards Tribute and Annual Reception to be held at Google DC on April 19, 2017.

“LSIC has been leveling the playing field since 1969,” stated Executive Director Moses Cook. “Our focus is on ending mass incarceration, keeping families together in safe, affordable homes, and giving people a second chance through expungements and community partnerships.

We honor Google’s commitment to justice reform and are indebted for their support.”

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